2024-2025 Dr.Li-Li Hsiao Leadership Fellowship Award Opens May 1st

2024-2025 Dr.Li-Li Hsiao Leadership Fellowship Award Opens May 1st

2024-2025 Dr.Li-Li Hsiao Leadership Fellowship Award Opens May 1st

The call for applications will open May 1st for the 2024-2025 Dr. Li-Li Hsiao Leadership Fellowship Award

This award is in honor of Dr. Li-Li Hsiao's long-standing leadership in WIN and her role in advancing leadership in the community on behalf of patients. This prestigious fellowship is intended to enhance the broader training of scholars to include leadership of a national professional organization as well as to provide entrée to mentorship and sponsorship by leaders in nephrology. The fellow will be expected to work on a project with a mentor and present the project at the WIN Leadership Conference to be held September 2024. The mentor will be assigned from the WIN leadership, and if desired, a faculty member from the local institution is also welcomed to serve as a mentor. This faculty mentor would need to be a member of WIN. On completion, the fellow would have had the opportunity to present at at least one national conference, and had multiple interactions with leaders in the field such as the inspirational Dr. Li-Li Hsiao herself.

What's in it for me?

  • Provide nephrology fellows training in leadership of an international professional organization
  • Support opportunities to collaborate with WIN Council and members
  • Facilitate dissemination of scholarly work to advance equity in Nephrology
  • Foster mentorship from international women leaders in Nephrology

Who is eligible to apply?

  • One fellow selected every year
  • Must be a member of WIN at the time of application
  • Nephrology fellows (research or clinical track), and post-doctoral fellows in 2nd year or later year of fellowship as of July 2024 can apply

WIN gratefully acknowledges the support of a grateful patient of Dr. Hsiao's for this offering.

See Dr. Hsiao's bio here.

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Angelina Dixon, MD

Angelina Dixon, MD
2022-2023 Hsiao Fellow


Anuja Java, MD

Anuja Java, MD