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Challenging the Status Quo

ISN-WIN Session

Sat April 17th 8am-9am ET, Room 5

Join a distinguished panel for a joint session of the ISN and Women in Nephrology (WIN). Hear an African nephrologist's challenges and triumphs, learn about succeeding in academic nephrology from a different region, and explore the fundamental question: is gender still an issue in nephrology?

A topical networking session will also be scheduled during the congress, moderated by WIN.

Networking Rooms

Women in nephrology (WIN) will be hosting several networking sessions at the WCN'21 These sessions will enable members of the ISN community to join together and discuss issues focused on career development. WIN has a long history of mentoring, coaching and sponsoring nephrologists in various stages in their career and through a wide area of expertise. This year, WIN will be hosting virtual networking rooms with specific aims / themes as listed below.

Saturday, April 17, 2021, 10:30-11 am ET

a) Asking for what you need professionally – how to have difficult conversations
Moderator: Dr. Ellie Kelepouris
b) Self-advocacy in career transitions including maternity leave
Moderator: Dr. Michelle Rheault
c) How to address micro and macro aggressions and bias in the professional arena
Moderator: Dr. Scherly Leon
d) Work life integration
Moderators: Dr. Cybele Ghossein and Dr. Lisa M. Curtis

Monday, April 19, 2021, 10:30-11 am ET

a) Building your mentorship village
Moderator: Dr. Susanne Nicholas
b) Creating your priority plan
Moderator: Dr. Leslie Gewin
c) Work life integration
Moderator: Dr. Nisha Bansal
d) The art of self-advocacy and promotion
Moderator: Dr. Mala Sachdeva

Please come and join us to meet other nephrologists and discuss important topics that affect all of us.

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