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Past WIN Sponsored Conferences

Professional Development Seminars

Professional Development Seminar at Kidney Week

From 1999 - 2014, WIN sponsored a 1-day Professional Development Seminar at the ASN Kidney Week. Beginning in 2015 this course will be offered at various venues in order to provide this valuable resource to an ever-widening community of women in nephrology. It is designed for early and mid-career nephrologists and scientists interested in receiving career guidance. To date it has served over 500 physicians and research scientists, both men and women. Please check back for more information on these upcoming events on this page.

Professional Development Seminar at National Kidney Foundation

Professional Development Seminars have been held in conjunction with WIN at theNKF Spring Clinical Meeting in 2016.

Nancy E. Gary Memorial Luncheon Lecture

During the annual American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week meetings, WIN sponsors a luncheon lecture, by a well-known speaker, in memory of Dr. Nancy Gary, WIN co-founder and first President. These lectures cover topics not routinely addressed at Kidney Week.

Past Lecture Topics

The past several years of lecturers and topics are listed below:

  • 2005: Dr. Page Morahan: "Advancing Women to Leadership"
  • 2006: Dr. Walter Tsou: "Universal Health Care: Lessons from Nephrology."
  • 2007: Dr. Sally Satel: "When Altruism Isn't Enough: Using Incentives to Reduce the National Kidney Shortage"
  • 2008: Dr. Walter Tsou: "The Future of Chronic Disease Control: Rational or Rationing?"
  • 2009: Dr. Vivian Reznik: "Promoting Women in Academic Medicine"
  • 2010: Dr. Lee Newman: "Prevention of Environmental Health Catastrophies: Toxic Sludge to Gulf Oil- Toxic Waste to Natural Gas"
  • 2011: Janet Bickel: "Difficult Issues in Mentoring: making the undiscussable discussable"
  • 2012: Dr. Nancy Swerdlow Downs: "Listening to Burnout: The Healer Education Assessment and Referral (HEAR) Program:"
  • 2013: Li-Li Hsiao, M.D., Ph.D. FACP: "KDSAP (Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program) - An Innovative Way to Increase Nephrology Boots on the Ground"
  • 2014: Reshma Jagsi M.D., DPhil: "Exploring gender differences in career advancement and discrepancies in equity in the work environment, opportunities and work-life balance"
  • 2015: Susan Crowley, MD, PhD: "The Art of War and Kidney Disease: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Foe"
  • 2016: Adeera Levin, MD, FRCPC: "Chronic Kidney Disease: State of the Art and Science 2016 worldwide"
  • 2017: Eleanor Lederer, MD FASN: "Dealing with failure"

ASN Scientific Symposia

WIN also organizes a scientific symposium at the fall ASN Kidney Week meeting. The past several years of symposia are listed below:

  • 2005: "The Pathophysiology of Progressive Renal Disease and Hypertension: Importance of Gender and Ethnicity"
  • 2006: "Understanding and Manipulating Antibody Responses in Allo and Autoimmunity."
  • 2007: "It's Not Your Father's Renin-Angiotensin System"
  • 2008: "Boots on the Ground: Do We Have Enough Personnel to Fight the Battle Against CKD?"